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Yumi Review

Yumi is an easy-to-use and completely anonymous App. Users can use it to find local hookup or sex chat. Its unique design is that users need to choose one of the 4 "Cards" and then open it, and the system will automatically match you nearby people with similar interests.


Free membership or standard members

Gold Membership

  • 12 months ($9.99 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $59.99
  • 3 months ($13.33 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $39.99
  • 1 month ($19.99 /month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $19.99

Payment Methods Available:Credit Card

Top Features:

  • Anonymous:Yumi is a real anonymous dating software, it never asks users to provide personal information. If you don't want to, not only other users will not recognize you, even Yumi will not, and hackers.
  • Looking for hookup:Unlike other dating software, Yumi has added a small draw game to help you find similar sex partners. If you want threesome dating, then go boldly and find a threesome partner.
  • Messaging:Yumi offers Some options for sending messages, you can set it according to your preferences and habits. In order to stay casual fun, you can send simple text messages, which can help you build connections with others.
  • Blogs:It's a good way to create your own blog to share and communicate with others.

Privacy and security

  • We list on the official website your personal information that may be collected and how to use it. Our technical experts will use the latest technology to store and transfer your data. We will disclose wherever your information is used.


  • The app will automatically recommend nearby people with similar preferences, and you’ll be only a few hours away from a threesome and all the fun!

Overall evaluation

  • We are a completely anonymous app and we never ask customers to provide their personal information. Yumi will let users find threesome dating or one night stand in the surrounding area by playing a fun way. Such an app is of course favored by many users.

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